Hearing Protection

We offer a range of hearing protection products, from simple standard fit earplugs, to precision custom-moulded plugs containing flat attenuating filters or electronic noise reduction to meet the most demanding needs.

ER20 Generic Fit Hearing Protectors


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The ACS ER20 hearing protector has been allowing musicians and music-lovers the world over to enjoy live music without the risk of damaging their hearing. The ER20 is filtered to allow you to enjoy the full dynamic range of your music at lower, safer, volumes, avoiding the muffling effect that you experience with foam earplugs

Med Aesthetics Silicone Earplugs


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Soft earplugs made from medical grade silicone putty for excellent comfort and fit.

Moldex Rocket SNR 30 dB


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Great earplugs to wear as they are specially made for easy insertion and removal, giving a comfortable fit and high protection. Ideal for those wanting to reduce the noise surrounding them instead of blocking it out.

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